This is the future home of our DUMB products, DUMB services, DUMB content, DUMB competitions, DUMB... WHATEVER! 

NOTE: We are NOT proud of ourselves for anything (past/present/future) that you find on this page!
[Quite the opposite - it's actually pretty embarrassing to admit to friends/relatives we actually spent time on this!]

BUT, as Albert Einstein once said:

*Editor's Note: We're pretty sure Einstein actually said that... 
BUT, then again, the following has always been one of our favorite quotes, so...

Anyway, if you have 30 seconds, go ahead and give this demo a try (then we'll discuss why it's not AS dumb as it seems in one of our #DiscussAndDebate sessions)












































Why are you even here?! We put a mile of blank space so you would NOT get down here... Oh well. Now that you're here, you can LOOK at the Dumb Whatever below, but most of it is unavailable for purchase until we get some Program Participants to Manage/Market/Monetize it all... which first means we need some Program Partners & Cohort Co-Hosts to help us RUN it all... 



Sold Out

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