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The Primary Premises Behind
"The Whatever Network"
and StartupWhatever.com


...there may not be a single one of our 365+ “Products” that mathematically / statistically makes sense to bet on (to put money into — or even to put TIME into) — as a Startup, as a Side Hustle, or even just as a Hobby — regardless of whether your goal is ~$10 Million or ~$100,000 or even just ~$1000!


We believe it can be a very different story if pursued COLLECTIVELY, based on some innovative new **S.H.I.T. from ReThinkingWhatever.com
 **[Strategies, Hypotheses, Ideas, Theories]
  • a cross-promotional Product-Content-Marketing-WHATEVER Network?
  • shared resources & economies of scale?
  • competitive collaborations & collaborative competitions?
  • learning while launching? (and earning while learning?)
  • and intentionally blurring some lines:
    Products as Content?
    Content as Marketing??
    Products as Marketing???


Entrepreneur or Side Hustler? Digital Marketer? Social Media Influencer? Designer?

Visit ReThinkingWhatever.com to learn more -- and/or contact us: info@StartupWhatever.com


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