- March 9th is GET OVER IT DAY! *UPDATED () - "'s Purpose & Perspective Poem" (below) has now reached 27+ MILLION People!
Option A: READ IT!

Option B: HEAR IT (60 sec)

Option C: WATCH IT (2 min, 45 sec) 

[YES, we know the video quality kinda sucks (by today's standards!) but it's FROM 2006!! YouTube wasn't even a year old! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  
[Fun Fact: TWITTER was CREATED exactly 12 DAYS AFTER the FIRST Get Over It Day!]


(And, seriously, THOUSANDS of people have told us it's surprisingly helpful, comforting, therapeutic, or inspirational to listen to the clips below!)

"Get Over It" by OK Go ('s 22-second suggested clip: 2:47 to 3:09)

"Get Over It" by McBusted ('s 25-second suggested clip - 25-Second CLIP: 3:22 to 3:47) 

"Get Over It" by Aril Lavigne ('s 30-second suggestion: 2:46 to 3:16)

"Get Over It" by Care Bears on Fire (Suggested "Get Over It Day" 30-second clip: 1:21 to 1:51)

"Over It" by Katharine McPhee (Suggested "Get Over It Day" 56-second clip: 1:57 to 2:53)

"Tonight I'm Getting Over You" by Carly Rae Jepsen (Suggested "Get Over It Day" 19-second clip: 2:47 to 3:06)

"Gonna Get Over You" by Sara Bareilles (Suggested "Get Over It Day" 30-second clip: 1:00 to 1:30)

"Get Over It" by Lower Than Atlantis (Suggested "Get Over It Day" 30-second clip: 1:55 to 2:25)

"Over You" by Daughtry (Suggested "Get Over It Day" 30-second clip: 2:39 to 3:09 - or to the end for a "WTF just happened?!")

Lots of new "WHATEVER" coming soon!

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