The Primary Premises Behind
ALL of our "Whatever" &


...there may not be a single one of our 365+ “Products” that mathematically / statistically makes sense to bet on (to put money into — or even to put TIME into) — as a Startup, as a Side Hustle, or even just as a Hobby — regardless of whether your goal is ~$10 Million or ~$100,000 or even just ~$1000!


We have some innovative new **S.H.I.T. to Share...
**[Strategies, Hypotheses, Insights, Theories]
...that we believe will IMPROVE THE MATH (Risk/Reward? Cost/Benefit? Success/Fail Rates?) and CHANGE THE GAME (for young entrepreneurs, marketers, influencers, content creators, etc.)

365+ Pieces of... [Whatever] (

365+ Pieces of... [Whatever] (But, Why?!) - Just to Confuse Friends!!



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