*Part 1: @500Failures & 500Failures.com ~ Persistently-Pervasive PROBLEMS & PITFALLS

Warning / Apology: This page will NOT impress you with our presentation skills or graphic design/videography ability.Rather, the intent is to simply/quickly INTRODUCE the PROBLEMS & PITFALLS we aspire to address via @CoFounderator - so that we can all begin to #DiscussAndDebate (and ideally DO SOMETHING to improve it all!)

#FrequentFounderFailFactors -- *Findings from an Analysis of...

  • ...via an overwhelming 25+ page .PDF?!?

  • Coming Soon (maybe?) ...deeper discussion/debate on EACH specific Problem/Pitfall & Failure Factor, individually, perhaps via something like:

>>  P1: #SelfAwareness issues addressed via DoYouEvenKnow.com?
>>  P2: #CoFounderConundra addressed via PitchingForPartners.com? (and/or ProjectLeagues.com?)
>>  P3: #LabelsTermsDefinitions issues addressed via WhatISaStartup.com? (and/or StarterStartups.com?)
>>  P4: #FrequentlyUNaskedQuestions addressed via FounderFUQs.com?
>>  P5: #1stTimeFounderPhenomena addressed via PracticeWhatever.com? (and/or StartupsForStudents.com?)
>>  P6: #MisguidedMotivation issues addressed via RealisticRick.com
>>  P7: #CorrelationCausationConfusion addressed via PursuitOfProof.com?
>>  P8: #LearningCurveLimbo addressed via LearningCurveLimbo.com
>>  P9: #IdeasThinkingBias-related issues addressed via MostIdeasAreShit.com?
>>  P10: #FundingStartsWithFU - Funding-related issues addressed via HustleFunded.com?
>>  P1 - P10, Underlying Problems:#StatusQuoBias & The Paradoxical Perspective Predicament addressed via StatusQuoBias.com?



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