Your Nickel Back

  • $6.99 I think we came up with this one at like 3am!

NOTE: In addition to the card(s), you will also receive a (real) nickel back. But we give you ONE nickel back with each order, regardless of whether it was 1 card or *1000 cards.

*Think about it - if we gave you 1000 nickels, that would be $50, which is way more than we're charging your for the 1000 cards.
* Think about it - 1000 nickels would be really f***ing heavy! So that would probably add a bazillion dollars in extra shipping costs!
* Think about it - the whole point/joke/pun/whatever is singular, not plural - it's not "Nickels Back" 

P.S. Email with the subject line "I WANT MY NICKEL BACK!" and we might just Venmo you a nickel whether you buy the cards or not!  (Be sure to indicate the email or phone number attached to your Venmo account if it's not the one you're emailing us from)



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