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Let's #DiscussAndDebate:

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@CoFounderator's Cohort-based Community of PART-Time Programs & Collaborative Competitions that address many of the most Persistently-Pervasive Problems/Pitfalls (#FrequentFounderFailFactors) - findings from @PhilosoFounder's analysis of 500 FAILURES
Plus a discussion/debate about the pros/cons of Early Entrepreur Education NOT via "come up with an idea for a startup..." but rather through a more PROJECT-based approach, via our @MultipleBaskets Methodologies (#PursuitOfProof / #CompeteCompareCollaborateRepeat), and an intro to what we'd like to call "Starter Startups"

P.S. ~1min Video Version of above (ignore if you 've already read everything above)

MORE [whatever] COMING SOON! ~ to maybe work w/ us?



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