Startup Whatever!

~90% of startups will FAIL...
But WHY is that accepted as “just the way it is”?!?

Startup Whatever Contents:
  • Thoughts & Theories
  • Projects & Programs
  • Startups Seeking Starters!

  • GOALS: 
    - To put more proverbial horses in the race (start more startups) AND to improve upon the current success/failure rates of Startups
    - To encourage the startup world (and individual entrepreneurs) to consider some new ideas as to how we can be ReThinking Startups
    - To find entrepreneurial partners for the MANY startups-in-waiting that currently exist (in PRE-MVP form) as part of The Whatever Network

    SPOILER/TEASER: We believe...
    1) the early-stage investment model has some flaws,
    2) there's a big problem with the actual word "startup" - and it's ridiculously broad/vague definition!
    (Much more soon!)
    PART I - Entrepreneurial Epiphanies & Lessons Learned.
    PART II - "I Fired Myself as CEO of My Own Company!!!  ... and it was the Best Decision I Ever Made!"
    PART III - Ok... so, now what???


    Projects & Programs: - Start small; start today.
    The 9 benefits to starting small with

    Coming soon:
 Learn Startups by Building Startups!
    (Sessions held during students' Winter Break & Summer Break)
    Visit for info


    Multiple Horses? The SWAN Startup?
    "The 'Sacrificing Weekends And Nights' Startup" Program brings together entrepreneurs interested in building startups based on a few key principles (including the idea that, NO, you don't need to quit your day job!

    A new accelerator/incubator model aimed at:
    A) better-identifying and better-incentivizing better co-founders
    B) addressing some often-seen yet often-ignored flaws in startup culture
    More details soon!


    "Startups Seeking Starters"
    From potentially-big tech startups (high risk / high reward) to smaller “Starter Startups” (low risk / low reward), we have MANY "Startups Seeking Starters" - from interns and entry-level to C-level and Co-Founders!!!
    (List of 10+ "Startups Seeking Starters" Coming Soon!)




    P.S.  One common problem we've observed: Mis-Matched Skill Sets!


    1) Imagine that you have... ...the very real potential to be HUGE - and make MILLIONS of dollars!!!


    2) Now imagine that you... ...actually take it to the next level and truly realize your (multi-million-dollar) potential! 

    NOTE: Please pause and think for a few seconds about how dramatically the situation changes with and without those drop-down menus.
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