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1. Many people like FREE STUFF!
2. Many companies (particularly startups) are looking for 
A) honest FEEDBACK (positive and negative) and 
 non-spammy ways to INFORM people about new products, services, updates, etc. 

#MarketingHonesty #MarketingTransparency #MarketingWhatever #FreeIfYouAgree is a simple "Project Win-Win" initiative that allows people to receive [products, services, content, memberships, samples... whatever!] for FREE! - IF YOU AGREE to a few simple (honest/transparent!) things - like feedback, follows, or few things like:

1A) FREE IF YOU AGREE... to provide negative feedback to us (privately!) and to consider sharing positive feedback on social media (publicly!)

1B) FREE IF YOU AGREE... to simply let us tell you about some of our OTHER products/services/offers/etc. is part of: is a part of & The "Whatever" Network!

All of the following (Digital Downloads) are FREE... If You Agree do an Act of Kindness for someone??
(or even if you just promise to TRY to  be a good human!)



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