- Optical Illusion??? - Optical Illusion???

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NOTE: This is NOT an Optical Illusion! It is a joke, a spoof, whatever you want to call it.

Because WE do not pull jokes/tricks/pranks/whatever on our site visitors. We just provide the tools for YOU to pull jokes/tricks/pranks/whatever on YOUR friends - *if you want to :)

* Use the "Add to Cart" button to get an instant-download link to this "Optical Illusion" image (to screw with friends?) as well as getting it by email so you'll have it if you ever want it in the future!

P.S. Not only are there not TEN people appearing in both groups, we're pretty sure there's not even ONE person appearing in both groups. Is this dumb? Yep! But you'd be amazed how much fun it is watching people try to figure it out :)