We haven't actually decided yet what "" will eventually be...

In the meantime, below are some 15-second teaser/preview videos - for our programs, premises, products... WHATEVER! (All are PITCHING FOR PARTNERS!) - Video Teaser A: - Video Teaser B: - Video A: - Video B:
15-Sec Video Preview:

We're putting A MILLION PENNIES in a storage locker - and for just $1.00, you can sponsor (save!) a penny!
Coming Soon:
15-Sec Video Preview:

There are 525,600 MINUTES in a year... For $1.00, you can claim one - and it's yours, FOREVER!
Coming Soon: - MINIATURE Greeting Cards: - "Rock, Paper, Scissors" Cards: - "Happy Hump Day" Video A: - "Happy Hump Day" Video B: - Reminder 1: - Reminder 2:

[Top-Secret] - Teaser Video A: - Teaser Video B:

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