Note: We haven't decided what will eventually be. In the meantime, we're just going to dump some links to some of our other WHATEVER: - mini greeting cards running out of time Rock,

Paper, Scissors cards 1 2 - to edit?

DEF: Cheater

DEF: BootyCall

My Response - sarcastic laugh My Resonse - sarcastic wow - note to self: find links - kroger

MasterPlan 1of4 - WHY

MasterPlan 2of4 - How

MasterPlan 3of4 - WHAT

MasterPlan 4of4 - WHO

MASTER PLAN, What/Why/How/Who (3min47sec)

S.H.I.T. to Share programs video - virality explained

CardWhatever -



ConfessionCard - SILENT explainer music only

Note to self: create new goatcall with audio

RH with audio - private? Daily

Life Check


Epic poop battle

All confusing shirts

Wingdings black shirt Go F yourself

Wingdings black what are you looking at

Binary blue

Safe word

69 slow mo

one outta

genius tech - poop




Sold Out

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