THOUSANDS of these beautifully-crafted penny-art "WHATEVER PENNIES" have already been sold to happy customers! Some use them as keychains, some as necklaces or bracelets, and some are trying a "penny on your shoelace" trend... NOTE FOR POTENTIAL PARTNERS:
BUT, while we're thrilled with people making purchases like the ones above, we think these "Whatever Pennies" have MUCH more potential when we economically manage them collectively and creatively market them individually!  For example, each of our partners/teams (you?!) would Manage/Market/Monetize one of these: 

P.S. Help!!!
The Poor Little Pennies are in Great DANGER!!

Wait, What?!?

Did you know that MAKING PENNIES actually costs MORE than $0.01 per penny?!? And that there is a big debate over whether America should eliminate pennies forever!?!
(50-second video below explains the debate... 15-second video below that one explains our " Campaign" to save 1 Million pennies - so our grandkids and their grandkids won't have to live in a world without pennies!!) 

Regardless of which side you're on in THE GREAT PENNY DEBATE, it only costs $1.00 to Save a Penny! (And, actually, if you're reading these words, we're still testing the site so we currently have it set to only charge you $0.01 so we can test for a few weeks and make sure it works ok...



Sold Out

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