Profits as... Products? Promotions? Perks? Proof of Prowess?

**Full Disclosure: In most cases, particularly the first time or two that we run this, it's probably not gonna be worth much (so please only participate if you can say "I understand this will probably be worth $0.00 and I'm totally ok with that"), but if, If, IF it happens to be one of our VIRAL products, that really takes off... well... 1% of $1,000,000 is $10,000, so... 

A few ways we're testing this - initially with just 100 products (10 in each of 10 categories:

A) Purchase Profits as a PRODUCT?!? 
For $1.00, you can PURCHASE 1% of PROFITS from a specific PRODUCT for a specific MONTH!
(Kinda like Fantasy Sports betting? but you're betting on businesses/products?)

B) "Profits with Purchase" PROMOTION?!? 

For the 100 Participating Products,
the First X People to Buy a Product in a given month will receive Y% of the profits for that month!   [Details TBD]
So, buy the product IF YOU LIKE IT - because you'll receive it like you would any other purchase - but maybe also consider which products you think OTHER people might like, because you're also getting Y% of that month's profits for that product!] 

C) Profits as Perks...
to our Team members, program participants, social media influencers, etc.

D) Profits as "Proof of Prowess"??
Speaking of "Influencers" - we get pitched all the time by Digital Marketers, Social Media Influencers, etc. telling us how much they can do for our sales. Unfortunately, it's often difficult to distinguish who is legit and who is full of [word that rhymes with legit]
To be honest, I kinda want to create a Utopian business environment where nobody gets paid BY us; rather, you get paid WITH us. If we make money, you make money. Obviously this model is easier said than done, but we're looking for partners, team members, great people to work WITH US - NOT FOR US 


Unlike sports betting - where you can't influence the outcome - you can help your products along as much as you want (by promoting on social media!) 
[Full Disclosure: That's obviously kinda the point - we're trying to incentivize new people each month to help spread the word about each product!]


Sold Out

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