Quick Overview:  Some of the Best (most viral) Audio Content of the Last 10+ years is BACK?!?!?
BACKGROUND: Originally created as a joke way back in the early 2000's (intended as a last-resort, a fake number for those who can't take a hint or won't take "no" for an answer),THE REJECTION HOTLINE® led us to create 300+ other HUMOR Hotlines! We had a great run – 10+ years, 475 Million phone calls, a fun 7-figure business, millions of fans – but, sadly, we were forced to sell off the 2500+ phone numbers and shut down the company in 2013 (long story)...

TIPS: Click "View Product" buttons to hear audio previews and then "Add to Cart" to download MP3 or Hotline Numbers. NEW: You can now add multiple products to cart (it was an annoying 1-at-a-time process until recently)... ENJOY!