Hackathons are great...
Zapier is amazing...

ZAPATHONS are going to be a game-changer!!! 

Coming Soon!

- to get involved!

NOTE: No, we are not (yet?) directly affiliated with the Zapier company - but we're big fans, so we'd sure like to be!!! ;)

We're thinking something like 3 levels?

Level 1 (NEWBIES?) - You will literally set up your 14-day free trial on the day of the Zapathon! So everyone there is basically starting from scratch!

Level 2 - I've used zapier (more than once!) and have built some zaps already; still learning (always!), but super-excited about creating new zaps, "Learning while Launching" via Zapathons' programs, competitions, experiments, etc. 

Level 3A - I'm pretty good with Zapier (maybe even at or approaching "expert" level!), and I'm interested in competitions (with prizes?) where we're building some real-life Zapier-based side hustles or "STARTER STARTUPS!" - or building real functional deliverables for other companies/clients.

Level 3B - I'm pretty good with Zapier (maybe even at or approaching "expert" level!), and I'm interested inworking WITH you guys to help RUN some of these Zapathons (events, workshops, programs, competitions, etc.) 

Coming Soon! to get involved!

P.S. Zapier Resources:


    • Automation for small businesses: Do more with the software you use every day
    • Less is more in marketing: A guide to marketing automation tools
    • Get more out of LinkedIn with Zapier
    • Zapier University, Course 101
    • Automation Inspiration
    • The ultimate guide to remote work
    • An Introduction to APIs
    • The Ultimate Guide to CRM Apps
    • The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Apps
    • The Ultimate Guide to Forms and Surveys
    • The Ultimate Guide to Customer Support
    • The Ultimate Guide to Project Management
    • The Ultimate Guide to Google Sheets
    • The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Software
    • The Ultimate Guide to G Suite
    • How to Do Anything in Apps


- Zapathons" as add-ons or embeds into other already-existing programs, courses, events, organizations, etc. - via
- / / / / ???

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