The "Wordy Shirty" Challenge is a Simple Concept:
1 Word per Shirt. Any Questions?

Each month
(eventually each week!), we will have 2, 4, or 8 Teams (or individuals), competing for sales/profits (each with exact same marketing resources & advertising budget). Example: 
After a winner is declared in each Head-to-Head A/B/Competition, the teams will then COLLABORATE (sharing what worked, what didn't, and establishing best practices), and will then collectively compete against an All-Star team of former competition winners:
Note: Everything we do involves our entrepreneurs & marketers/influencers A-B TESTING as much as possible (competing then collaborating). For example, one team might be testing the conversion rates for a collection of single-word shirts on a collection of single-word shirts on ONE e-commerce platform while competing/comparing with the conversion rates of another team on the same exact shirts here:



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