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On the Product/Concept/Idea Side...

A Few Inspirations For ALL Our "Whatever Minutes" / "Timely Message" Concepts:
  •  Did you know that a million people have spent ~$50 to "NAME A STAR" in the sky?!?
  • It's a clever, fun, novelty gift idea. BUT, that's a lot of money to spend on something that NASA even stepped in and publicly condemned, explaining it's not at all legit!
  • During the Olympics (I can't remember which - 2014? 2012? 2010?), I kept seeing commercials where P&G had declared themselves "The Official Sponsor of Moms!" Again, a clever idea, but again, not exactly real or legit. [P.S. I checked with MY mom and she confirmed for me that she never agreed to that AND that she has yet to receive any payment for the sponsorship]  
Anyway, we decided to put our ReThinkingWhatever.com twists on some of those concepts...

On the Business Strategy/Philosophy Side...

All of our sites are testing (and hopefully demonstrating) a lot of new StartupWhatever.com S.H.I.T. [Strategies, Hypotheses, Ideas, Theories]...

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