A few of our current #CollaborativeCompetitions

The "Wordy Shirty" Challenge is a Pretty Simple Concept...
1 Word per Shirt. Any Questions?
Note: Everything we do involves our entrepreneurs & marketers/influencers A-B TESTING as much as possible (competing then collaborating!




The NumberWhatever.com Challenge is Also a Pretty Simple Concept...

Just pick your NUMBER - and the reason/context for that number...

Example Battle: A vs. B 


Strange: I went forward in time... to view alternate futures. To see all the possible outcomes of the coming conflict. 


A reminder that TIME is a GIFT! 

Because, remember, there are only...

...525,600 Minutes!











Note: ColorWhatever.com could be a few things

Wait... is that ColorWhatever.com Above? or Below?!?




The "wrong color" shirts above ARE kinda confusing... but ConfusingShirts.com is probably going to be these:

***But, remember, we're constantly A-B Testing EVERYTHING, so... 
Why not share resources, duplicate everything, and also test...

#MultipleEggs #MultipleBaskets #SharedResources #EconomiesOfScale #CompetingWhileCollaborating

P.S. And if we're already doing WingDings... and Binary... is it really THAT much extra time/effort to also do Morse Code? or Braille? or Chinese? or Russian? or...?

We're really excited about those custom confusing shirts! Because, up until now, our best-selling Confusing Shirt was actually this one below:











P.S. Maybe the winner of the competition above takes on the defending champion:

Mens Cropdusting  |  Womens Cropdusting


A) www.SpelingShirts.com vs. B) www.SpellingShirts.com



Page Still Under Construction...
Check back soon and/or contact us to get involved:

All of our "whatever" will have a different person or team running it - as a real "Starter Startup" - competing with each other, but also collaborating on what's working, what's not, best-practices, etc. (because, at the end of the day, we're all on the same team!)

*Contact us to join a team, and/or to compete independently:

  • www.FillInTheBlankShirts.com

MANY "Fill In The _____ Shirts" Concepts for You to Choose From!

P.S. Many, MANY More! Also, be sure to ask us how we plan to A-B-C-D Test our several different methods of HOW to Fill In The Blanks!!

  • www.LeapfrogWithUnicorns.com


  • A) www.LivingTheStartupDream.com vs. B) www.WordToYourStartup.com


  • A) www.ShartShirts.com vs. B) www.MyShartDontStink.com


  • www.MoistShirts.com

Related Product:

  • www.TimelyMessage.com


  • www.TheRinShirt.com

  • www.ItCouldAlwaysSuckMore.com

  • www.LookMeInTheEyes.com

  • www.aBarbecueStainOnMyWhiteTshirt.com (part of www.YouHaveSomethingOnYourShirt.com?)


  • www.NumberWhatever.com


  • A) www.ItLooksLikeaDuck.com vs. B) www.ItQuacksLikeaDuck.com

This will not be for everyone,
but sometimes we A-B Test
"PG" vs. "Rated-R"


And, as you'll notice is our pattern, we are constantly cross-promoting related products/content - even though it may be an entirely different team of entrepreneurs running these other sites - for example, the following from ImageWhatever.com, CardWhatever.com, and StickerWhatever.com...


on this page is Pitching for (PART-Time) Partners!
JOIN US! www.PitchingForPartners.com

Page Still Under Construction (obviously?!)

Check back soon and/or contact us to get involved: info@StartupWhatever.com

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