Tickets to Time-Traveler Conventions (Regional, National, and Global)

The WHATEVER Network!

  • $1.00

For Safety Reasons, Only Ticketed Attendees Are Provided With EXACT Date/Time & GPS Coordinates for all previously-held Time-Travel events.

ONE MONTH PRIOR TO YOUR EVENT, you should have received your Attendee Information Packet including all of the following information:

  • Exact Location, Venue Details, and Parking Information (valet, self-park, and/or hitching posts/rails for horses)
  • Seating assignments, Keynote speaker bios, Breakout session topics, and sponsored Cocktail Parties / Happy Hours (Note: All events scheduled during Prohibition have been cancelled).
  • Digital Tickets with QR Codes or In-Hand Tickets (Paper, Parchment, or Stone Tablet) - obviously dependent on the time period.
  • Suggested Attire. IMPORTANT: Please Dress appropriately for the time period so as not to draw unnecessary attention to yourself or the event!  [Those of you who were in attendance for the 1876 US West Coast event will undoubtedly remember why this is so important! For those who were not there, let's just say - Spoiler Alert: No matter how big a hip-hop star you are in YOUR time, you simply CAN NOT wear huge gold chains in California in the years immediately following the California Gold Rush!!]
- All prices are based on currency values at time of PURCHASE (not time of event).
- Tickets are for Convention ENTRY-ONLY. Transportation is NOT included, nor provided. These events are only for EXPERIENCED Time-Travelers!
- No refunds are issued if you were unable to attend for any reason. 
- Tickets for the 175000000 BCE "Global Time-Travelers MEGA-EVENT" in Pangea are no longer being sold. [See, what happened was... Following a series of popular 21st Century "Jurassic" movies, event organizers thought it would be a good business decision to capitalize on the unprecedented interest and host an EPIC Time Travelers Global MEGA-EVENT back in the Jurassic Era. Unfortunately, the dinosaurs were not consulted on the decision and it proved to be a one-way ticket for any attendees wearing bright colors or smelling of modern-day soaps, perfumes, hair product, or scented deodorants. (Note: Full refunds are now being offered for any attendee who is still alive to claim the refund.)] 


Payments for all tickets purchased on this page are processed by "The Whatever Network" - a proud partner and ticket-seller for past/present/future Regional, National, and International Time-Travel Events -- until the unfortunate events at the 2399 event in Moscow, but we can't elaborate further on that right now.


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