Some people notice "Red Flags" better than others...

Lies?  Sketchy Behavior? Changes in Routine? Sneaky Calls/Texts?

But many of us tend to IGNORE Red Flags!

Quick Video that Intern Alex made (15 Sec)

There is now a movement (gaining momentum coast-to-coast!) to help bring a little more attention to RED FLAGS!

>>>Our Symbolic RED FLAGS - in a variety of sizes - to remind your friends (or yourself!) to pay attention and Stop Ignoring SO MANY RED FLAGS!!!
  • Mini Red Flags - to hand-out or leave behind as reminders?**
  • Medium-Size Red Flags - to wave in the air and draw immediate attention?**
  • Huge/Gigantic Red Flags - for... actually, we're kinda not sure how you should use the big ones...
**We would say "to throw at someone to get their attention" but we don't want to be responsible if you somehow manage to hit them in the eye.



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