ReThinking X [AMAZON Product?] as Y [Other Whatever] via @ReThinkWhatever

A few examples to #DiscussAndDebate (and ideally to DEMONSTRATE with!)

Example: If we were to discuss an acccessory to turn any of our @CardWhatever products into magnets, perhaps we' look at:

Image Only...Small:

Image + Text:

Custom? Native Shopping Ads?

Example: If we were to discuss how to identify, find, or create great content that ties directly into an Amazon product, perhaps we'd discuss this (FYI, I'm big fans of these guys - and I really hope their friendship is actually as amazing as it always appears to be in their videos)
@thepsh8 trained professionals #fyp ♬ original sound - Psh8



Or Chocolate Bar?

Or Beef Jerky?

MORE [whatever] COMING SOON! ~ to maybe work w/ us?



Sold Out

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