~ ReThinkWhatever.com A: ReThinking "X" as "Y" (100+ Physical Products)

 —  *All our “Starter Startups” will benefit from Shared Resources, Economies of Scale, and Cross-Promotional "COLLABORATIVE COMPETITIONS" as part of:

  1. TheWhateverNetwork.com
    A Chaotic Collection of:
    Products, Services, Viral Content, Social Movements, Charitable Causes, Entrepreneur Experiments, Side Hustles, and "STARTER STARTUPS!"… all benefiting from Shared Resources, Economies of Scale, #TransparentTesting, Cross-Promotional "COLLABORATIVE COMPETITIONS" and...  
  2. ReThinkingWhatever.com
    The unifying theme tying together StartupWhatever.com and The Whatever Network (and currently the homepage and main theme for many of our Entrepreneurial Experiments, Programs, and Competitions)… 

    Just because [whatever] exists one way doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon — or re-imagined entirely!! Not just ReThinking Product X as Product Y, but ReThinking entire institutions - like, for example: Entrepreneurship Education! We are kinda obsessed with this idea! 
    [ReThinking Terminology & Definitions, ReThinking Processes & Methodologies, ReThinking Startups & Side Hustles, ReThinking Products As Content As Social Marketing As...]
  3. AudioWhatever.com
    300+ pieces of audio content, originally part of a million-dollar viral content company (The Rejection Hotline & 300+ Humor Hotlines’ phone numbers that collectively received 475 MILLION phone calls!) Sadly, the company shut down in 2014. But a comeback of sorts is now underway!
    — Partners & Program Participants will pick their Audio Products/Content to test / run / manage / market via (one or some of) the following Business Models:
    Free Humor Hotlines? Ad-Supported? Premium Humor Hotlines? $1.00? $0.69? Monthly Subscriptions? Free MP3 downloads? Premium/paid MP3 downloads? via iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc. (via TuneCore)? Audio-based micro-sites? Monetizing via SoundCloud? YouTube? iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc. (via TuneCore? TikTok opportunities?!? Premium Services: Private/personal Hotline #s? CUSTOM Hotline #s? Competitions? 
  4. CardWhatever.com
    Re-Thinking: Business Cards
    - as a smaller/cheaper alternative to traditional greeting cards?
    - as a new (cheaper!) Creative Content Canvas? 
    - as a mini Publishing Platform?!? 
    - as a physical/pass-around representation of internet memes?!
  5. TshirtWhatever.com
    NO, we do NOT think t-shirts are a good business idea (overly-crowded space, no barriers to entry, etc.). HOWEVER… 
    A) our “Products as Content as Social Marketing” philosophy creates value beyond sales, 
    B) Print-on-Demand Tshirts are an easy, no-risk way to test MANY ReThinkingStartups.com strategies & marketing initiatives — and see which Program Participants distinguish themselves from their peers and are worthy of advancing to some of the more complex (and potentially-lucrative) product categories.
    C) plus we do actually have a few new/original outside-the-bulb “ReThinking Tshirts” concepts we’ve been sitting on for a while!
  6. PennyWhatever.com
    A perfect application of ViralWhatever.com learnings (from our 40+ INDIVIDUAL Humor Hotlines going viral, despite the COLLECTION of 300 hotlines simply serving as a shared resources / inventory management page). 100+ Penny designs — MANAGED COLLECTIVELY (for efficiency) but MARKETED INDIVIDUALLY (for effectiveness)!
  7. ViralWhatever.com
    Workshops, Experiments, Viral Thinking applied to ALL our efforts… Then, once we have 6 to 10 good team members on board, we are going to test/launch MANY new Viral Marketing campaigns!
  8. CharityWhatever.com
    Several Charity-focused initiatives (ask us about them!!) PLUS, all our PARTNERS will get to PICK the charity beneficiary of the products for which they are the first or primary partner on! 
    [Pick Your Product / Choose Your Charity / Manage, Market, Monetize]
  9. PhoneWhatever.com
    MANY current and future phone related ventures!!! Both humor-based (the natural continuation HumorHotlines.com — our original 7-figure, viral content company) AND real/serious (non-humor) services utilizing our telecom knowledge/resources… 
    Twilio and Plivo developers — contact us!!
  10. MarketingWhatever.com
    MANY Marketing programs, initially to help market all of OUR stuff (and help us identify great marketers, influencers, and team members!), but the more successful programs can then be spun off into real “starter startups” themselves if we think we can provide real value to OTHERS!
  11. DollarWhatever.com
    Can you really buy anything cool for just a dollar?? YES, YES YOU CAN!!! We will start slowly but eventually we will have 100+ products for $1.00 or less! (Actually, it’ll probably be 1000+ products if we also include individual CardWhatever.com and AudioWhatever.com products that start at $1.00. TBD whether those will be included or not.)
  12. CheapFunWhatever.com
    The category/collection for our products that are not shirts or cards or audio or hotlines — To be determined whether DollarWhatever.com products will be included here (since $1.00 IS cheap) or if we will keep the two separated and CheapFunWhatever.com is basically everything starting at $1.01… TBD
  13. RelationshipWhatever.com
    This is a tricky one… because we have a REAL (potentially-game-changing?!) startup concept (JustIntros.com) intended to compete with dating apps and professional matchmakers — but we also have some funny/immature and/or R-Rated relationship products/content/jokes… Not quite sure yet how we walk that line of not making our real venture seem like a joke when it’s positioned with RejectionHotline.com or YouGotGhosted.com or AdviceBeforeDates.com … Stay tuned!
  14. MiscellaneousWhatever.com
    As much as I want all of our stuff to fit perfectly into easily-categorized buckets, there still exist many that our just too random or “other”… they will be housed/managed via the MiscellaneousWhatever.com team
  15. DumbWhatever.com
    Look, not all our stuff is on a high intellectual level… this is a collection of stuff that is really really dumb (possibly even immature, maybe r-rated, hopefully not offensive, but no promises!)
  16. GiftWhatever.com
    Someone will run this site and just pick and choose which of our hundreds of products could be classified as “Gifts of Mom” or “Graduation gifts” or “Gifts for $1.00?!?”
  17. MonthlyWhatever.com
    The hope is that every month we will have featured Gift Whatever and Dollar Whatever and Tshirt Whatever and Audio Whatever and Card Whatever and … etc. — each with discounts on that Monthly Whatever!
  18. ImageWhatever.com / StickerWhatever.com 
    — several concepts for each, but primarily will be images (free downloads?) and stickers (paid product?) with much of the same image-based content as our CardWhatever.com categories
  19. MotivationWhatever.com, AnimalWhatever.com, FoodWhatever.com, NumberWhatever.com, etc. etc. 
    Many topic-specific ways to group our products/content/marketing/whatever

20–30  —  OTHER / Secondary / Future / Or potentially offered up as part of a “Pitch us on what you want to do with it… if we like it, we give you the greenlight to run with it!) 
gamingwhatever.com / esportswhatever.com
coloringwhatever.com / colorwhatever.com
OTHER??  — talk to Jeff 

ReThinking Random Objects & Everyday Items as creative/new WHATEVER:



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