The Original REJECTION HOTLINE® (Free Number / Area Code: 605) ~

The Original REJECTION HOTLINE® (Free Number / Area Code: 605) ~


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Q: Why should I actually "add to cart" and "purchase" the number (for $0.00) when I'm looking right at the number?

A: You definitely don't need to, BUT, if we ever need to de-activate numbers and replace them, we will likely send automated emails to everyone who "purchased" the numbers - even in this case where the "purchase price" is $0.00

The ORIGINAL "Rejection Hotline" Audio:

 Background: Originally created as a joke way back in the early 2000's  (intended as a last-resort, a fake number for those who can't take a hint or won't take "no" for an answer)The Rejection Hotline® (and our 200+ other Humor Hotlines) had a great run – 10+ years, 475 Million phone calls, etc. – but we were forced to sell off the 2500+ phone numbers and shut down the company in 2014 (long story). HOWEVER, there is now a COMEBACK underway as part of "The Whatever Network!" (and our #PickYourProducts Programs via our #CompeteCompareCollaborate Initiatives to Improve Early Entrepreneur Education)



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