QRwhatever.com >> ReThinking QR Codes?!

Key Premise: QR Codes were simply AHEAD OF THEIR TIME!

Now that (all?) cell phones have QR Code READERS built into the camera, there are eleventy-sleven gazillion ways to use QR Codes...

- in products? in content? in marketing?
- to provide supplemental information? latest scheduling updates? answers to questions? custom FYI messages? punchlines to jokes? 
- linking TO... web pages? documents? images? videos? audio? social posts?


QR Codes + 
Whatever.com? PostcardWhatever.com? StickerWhatever.com? BoxOfWhatever.com? TshirtWhatever.com? MerchWhatever.com? MessageWhatever.com? CharityWhatever.com? MotivationWhatever.com? HumorWhatever.com? 

And LOTS we can do (with QR Codes as the delivery mechanism or the "reveal") via FYImessage.com or JustThoughtYouShouldKnow.com or MyResponseIs.com or YourSignFromTheUniverse.com or OurSafeWordWillBe.com?!?!

And come work with us on 10+ different mini-business attempts based on the following demo - give it a try: 

MORE [whatever] COMING SOON! ~ info@CoFounderator.com to maybe work w/ us?



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