Programs WITHIN Programs!

2 of our core philosophies are #SelfAwareness & #DontReinventTheWheel
So it would be hugely hypocritical of us if we were like: 
"We need to build all OUR OWN programs from scratch... WE need to build the marketing funnel, WE need to attract the audience, WE need to [blah blah blah]..."
There are MANY Entrepreneurship Educational platforms/organizations out there that already do all that - and do it well! And MOST of our programs/competitions/experiments would make great COMPLEMENTARY ADD-ONS to already-EXISTING programs (particularly if the existing program is mainly "Learning by Listening" - because ours are more "Learning by LAUNCHING!") #ProgramsWithinPrograms

Contact to discuss working together whereby we bring some of our programming to your existing organization/community, school/class, whatever...

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