ReThinking… POSTCARDS?
...via some cool Automated Tech Platforms that mail them for us!

If you search "Direct Mail Automation" you'll find  roughly eleventy-sleven gazillion options (ClickSend, ZenDirect,,, AmazingMail, Markate, Postalytics, PostGrid, Stannp, Postable, Touchnote... and even some big guys like VistaPrint and MailChimp) & will look at how some of these companies currently sell & market their services – to whom and for what purposes – and see if we can’t come up with some NEW use-cases (that likely wouldn’t be worth it for us to investigate if we were re-inventing the wheel and re-building their business from scratch)

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One of our favorite "ReThinking Startups" philosophies is #StartupsWithinStartups

It can take several forms, but the key premises are:
1) Learning Curves Suck.
2) Reinventing the Wheel is Dumb.
3) There are some amazing startups out there building some amazing tools and technology, but often there are OTHER applications for their tools/tech that they either haven't thought of, or (more likely), are simply not part of their core business so they don't have the time, resources, and/or interest to devote to these other use cases.

But the idea of OTHER startups or entrepreneurs (us? you?) starting from scratch to build those same tools/technologies (reinventing the proverbial wheel) is kinda crazy to us - and, statistically speaking, simply not worth the time/money/effort.

So, we are big fans of re-purposing existing tech and, either formally or informally, creating STARTUPS WITHIN STARTUPS. Whether it's as an official PARTNER or SUBSIDIARY of the existing startup and/or via WHITE-LABELING and/or even as just a regular CUSTOMER of the service. Regardless, the goal is to make it a Win-Win, to do it WITH THE BLESSING of the original startup (nothing surreptitious or unethical!), and, who knows, it might even lead to a more formal merger or acquisition! 

Contact us to get involved in some of our "ReThinking Whatever" Programs, Competitions, Experiments! 

ReThinking: Audio, Phone, Text, Video, Images, Cards, Stickers, Tshirts, Pennies, Memes, Messages, Tattoos, Time, Money, Profits, Charity, Packaging, Pricing, Content, Marketing, Internships, Experience, Expertise, Entrepreneurship, Side Hustles, Startups, MVPs, Pivots, Virality, Goals, Success Metrics, #StatusQuoBias... 

ReThinking: Zoom, Calendly, Zapier, Shopify, MailChimp, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, WebFlow, TypeForm, Google Sheets, Survey Moneky, MailChimp... and much MUCH more!!

[And A-B-C-Testing Everything 3 WAYS or more!] 


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