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for Sending Messages
to Dead Friends & Relatives!

Wait... Wait...

With all due respect to the beliefs of EVERY RELIGION...

...many of us acknowledge that nobody can really know FOR ABSOLUTE CERTAIN what happens to us when we die. 

... if it's POSSIBLE that some perfect utopian paradise would include Super-Fast WI-Fi, then... 

How can we justify NOT using to write to them?! 
( update them on how we're all doing down here? and let them know we're thinking of them? and that we still love them and miss them and...?)

Simple Instructions:

1) Select a date/time below for "MESSAGE DELIVERY" 
(to indicate where your message will appear on THE OFFICIAL / "CALENDAR OF MESSAGES") 
[NOTE: Some people find it comforting to post their message on a particularly meaningful date (birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines' Day, Christmas, etc.) but that's optional... Today or tomorrow works too!]

2) Write your Message!**
**Important: Please be aware that messages are PUBLIC and can be viewed by ANYONE - alive or dead, on Earth, in Heaven, or anywhere else in the known or unknown universe(s)... Powered by
(of Minutes, Moments, Memories, Messages, and More!)

For the origin story / background info, click here.

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