Just Thought You Should Know... (.com)

Certain things are difficult/awkward to tell someone - even if it's something they really need to hear.
JustThoughtYouShouldKnow.com makes it easier to let 'em know!
Our StartupWhatever.com Partners & ReThinkingWhatever.com Program Participants will decide what exactly this site will become. For now, enjoy whatever you find below - and contact us (info@StartupWhatever.com) if you see anything you might want to get involved with!

***To @CoFounderator Cohorts / Program Participants...
 Talk to Jeff about the 300+ Audio Tracks, what did well, what didn't, what is primed for a re-launch, what has related products/marketing opportunity, and what kind of microsites - past, present, future - might go with each audio player



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