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One Entrepreneur’s EPIPHANIES & LESSONS Learned…*

*...which would evolve into the "Origin Story" (Premises/Purpose) for @CoFounderator - a Multi-Part (Multi-Purpose!) Mega-Plan -- aspiring to address #StatusQuoBias in Startup Communities & Early Entrepreneur Education...


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ReThinking the Status Quo "Startup Experience" + #StatusQuoBias in Startup Communities & Early Entrepreneur Education...

P.S.  I recently developed some uncharacteristically-weird adult-onset Social Anxiety (disorder?), so I'm not really comfortable or interested in plastering my name and face all over social media to "Build a Personal Brand" and/or to try to convey credibility to skeptical strangers...

[Related Note: One of my favorite topics to #DiscussAndDebate with Future Founders is that the "Personal Branding" Tactics & Goals of [Amazing Person "A" (legit expert with altruistic intentions)] can often look the same as that of [Bad Person "B" (full-of-sh*t shyster who just wants your money)]  

But anyway... I guess you probably need a real name (and LinkedIn?) to at least convince you I'm not just a bot (or some ChatGPT creation?), so...  

LinkedIn.com/in/IamNOTaCEO ]

LinkedIn.com/in/IamNOTaCEO ]


The following is (obviously?) NOT a normal/professional bio... but anyone who knows me will tell you I've kinda never really done anything "the normal way"


My (relatively unique) experience/expertise includes:

1) Creating and analyzing VIRAL *P.A.C.A.S.M.
[*Products As Content As Social Marketing] 
that resonate with large/diverse audiences... intuitively recognizing/evaluating MANY factors (the art, science, math, psychology, mechanics, etc.) that impact virality and differentiate a regular idea from an “IDEA+++” [an idea + Vision + Viability + Viral potential…] (happy to elaborate later)

2) Identifying #StatusQuoBias problems (and corresponding opportunities for improvement!) — in products, in content, in marketing, in companies, in communities, in individuals... pretty much everywhere!   

I've spent 10+ years advising/mentoring/coaching 100s of entrepreneurs... And, in preparation for the next phase of my career (@CoFounderator), I've also spent 5+ years specifically studying/analyzing 500 FAILED FOUNDERS?!? (@500Failures)

ReThinking "Startups" - and #StatusQuoBias in Startup Communities & Early Entrepreneur Education...

Multi-Part Master Plan:

PART 1: @500Failures

& #FrequentFounderFailFactors
Findings From a 5-year Analysis of 500 FAILED FOUNDERS!

PART 2: @PhilosoFounder

& Improvement Initiatives
to #DiscussAndDebate (and, ideally, Demonstrate!) via:

PART 3: @CoFounderator
Cohort-based Community of 
Project-based PROGRAMS,
EXPERIMENTS in Entrepreneur Education
 #TransparentTesting of:

PART 4: @MultipleBaskets
10 "Buckets" x 10 "Baskets" x 10+ Parallel Products
= 1000+ #PursuitOfProof *P.A.C.A.S.M. Projects
*[Products AContent ASocial Marketing]
#ValueBeyondSales #LearningWhileLaunching
#MultipleBaskets of Microcosms


info@CoFounderator.com / Jeff@CoFounderator.com 

MORE [whatever] COMING SOON! ~ info@CoFounderator.com to maybe work w/ us?



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