DiscussWhatever.com? DebateWhatever.com? discussANDdebate.com ???


A) Entrepreneur ALEX has big plans for "DiscussWhatever.com"
B) Entrepreneur BLAKE has big plans for "DebateWhatever.com"
C) Entrepreneur CASEY has big plans for "DiscussAndDebate.com"

Let's DISCUSS everything they would each need to decide/do, learn/launch, build/buy, manage/market...

Let's DEBATE pros/cons of them WORKING TOGETHER...

Or we could just hop in a time machine, and check in with them in a year or so when (spoiler alert) we'll find that all 3 are still struggling (to build a social media following? create engaging content? launch a podcast? figure out revenue streams to cover costs so they don't have to give up on their dreams before they even get off the ground?!?!?!) 

Coming Soon:
DiscussWhatever.com, DebateWhatever.com, DiscussAndDebate.com
COLLECTIVELY Discussing And Debating Such Thoughts/Theories/Philosophies as:

MORE [whatever] COMING SOON! ~ info@CoFounderator.com to maybe work w/ us?



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