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Did you receive an envelope containing some really CONFUSING STUFF?!? ;)

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1a) No, there's no secret code, deep meaning, or riddle to solve.
     1b) The only purpose is to confuse the recipient - and maybe entertain the sender too :)
Yes, we know you want to know who sent it.
     2b) No, we can't tell you who sent it. (But it was likely  a friend - because they gave us your name/address and were willing to spend a few dollars to confuse you)
     2c) We suggest you simply ask everyone you know and/or post on social media asking "Who sent me this confusing stuff from!?"  #ViralMarketingExperiment ;-)
  3. YES!!!  You should absolutely "prank it forward" and send confusing stuff to friends, family, co-workers, anyone/everyone!