Lots of "Coin Whatever" coming soon but, in the meantime, here are 2 collections to keep you busy:


NOTE: Yes, we will probably have a main collection site (with all 100+ varieties of "Whatever Pennies"), HOWEVER...

...we learned some huge lessons about virality from our last business success - the biggest of which was that (our collection/catalog site of our 300+ Humor Hotlines phone numbers) never went viral; BUT, 40+ of our individual Humor Hotline phone numbers (including the original Rejection Hotline) DID go viral - INDIVIDUALLLY!

This is where our "Manage Collectively; Market Individually" methodology was born. So, we would not expect virality from the collection/catalog site...


...but we DO expect virality to come from some individual marketing positioning/branding -- each would be run by an individual or team (a manager, a marketer, a designer, an influencer, etc.) - contact us to discuss (  [Please ignore the powerpoint-quality mockups below]

For example:




















A few random (or, ran-DUMB) "coming soon" products below, but you should probably just ignore those for now:



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