CHARITY Whatever! (
Much more info soon, but the quick summary is:

[from Jeff]
I've gotten pretty good over the years at creating viral concepts and content that engage large audiences (see "" for a sample of our stuff that has reached millions of people)... But, admittedly, some of my most successful/viral stuff (starting with the Original Rejection Hotline) has been kinda dumb, juvenile, immature, and/or R-Rated content...

But I've had a few personal epiphanies recently (which I'll explain more in a blog post in the future) that kinda made me want to "grow up" a little... So, my plan moving forward (2017, 2018, and beyond) is to start creating more "" concepts designed to have a much more positive impact on society... 


The Pledge:
- HALF of our first "Sweet 16 Startups" will donate HALF of all profits to charity.  
- ALL "Whatever Network" ventures will donate a MINIMUM of AT LEAST 10% of any/all profits to various 501(c)3 charities.... (details coming soon!)
- ALL partners, employees, and interns of each "Whatever Network" will decide which charities are the beneficiaries

More details soon. Contact us to get involved with any of ventures (for-profit and/or non-profit)...


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