Challenge Example - @ReThinkWhatever - Amazon Associates/Influencers Cohort

This is just for discussion purposes, but here's an example of a product that we might structure a challenge around (Turn any of our CardWhatever products into a magnet?)

Image + Text:

Image Only (Small)

Image only (Large)

(There's also a Medium)

Custom? Native Shopping Ads?

Note: Not entirely sure if above code works or not :/
Regardless, the direct link (shortened) would look something like this:
and the full link would look like:
*We can discuss, but the benefits of the short link are probably obvious; BUT, the benefit of the longer link is that you know what the product is without clicking :/

And all of the code above is easily grabbed from a browser extension when you're on each product's page, looks something like:

MORE [whatever] COMING SOON! ~ to maybe work w/ us?



Sold Out

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