69 WHATEVER! (69whatever.com)

Look, we're not claiming this is the most mature site/page/theme in the world, but...
I speak around the country as an expert on Viral Media and I am fascinated by pop-culture phenomena; and, regardless of how juvenile it might be, the fact is that there are VERY few NUMBERS that can instantly elicit such a strong response from so many people!!! (Giggles? Eye-rolls? Whatever)

[Another one is 666 - which some associate with Evil and/or the Devil.]

But the most incredible example is: 69! 

If you can get past your initial reaction and really stop and think about it, it really is an amazing phenomenon! 

Like most of our stuff, this page is a work in progress, but imagine an e-commerce shop that contains 69 products, all of which are one of these:
A) Features "69" on the product? 
B) Is sold in a quantity of 69? 
C) And/or is sold at a price of $69.00 or $0.69



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