About Jeff (Part 1) - Strengths/Weaknesses

Posted by Cimpress Open Collaborator on

With 15 years experience in startups (including: VC-funded, angel-funded, bootstrapped... acquisitions, asset-sales, dissolutions... successes, failures...), I've seen/learned A LOT - not only about the startup world in general, but about myself as an entrepreneur. I have become keenly aware of my (few) entrepreneurial strengths – AND my (many) weaknesses! I am SUCK at: organizing operating executing presenting / pitching / selling networking / schmoozing people-management money-management project-management time-management follow-up follow-through (and following traditional "rules" -- particularly "rules" / "best practices" in the startup world -- where there is currently a ~99% FAIL rate!! So, are those REALLY the rules we shold be...

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