FAQ - A Very Unconventional Approach... But, WHY?!

We want to work with LOTS of different partners - to give ourselves the best chance of finding as many GREAT partners as possible!

We want to be able to incentivize all partners with significant percentages of profit-sharing (on a per project/product basis) - with the potential for the most successful individuals or teams to add more and more eggs/projects/products to their baskets/portfolios

Our ViralWhatever.com experience has taught us the benefits of managing collectively and marketing individually.

We believe in "Multiple Eggs / Multiple Baskets" and A-B Testing EVERYTHING via "Collaborative Competition"

Competition produces results.
Collaboration produces results.
Combine the two and we believe our "Collaborative Competitions" (or "Competitive Collaborations") will produce even BETTER results! 

We have A LOT of ReThinkingWhatever.com Products! #UnderStatement

All of our sites are testing (and hopefully demonstrating) a lot of StartupWhatever.com S.H.I.T. [Strategies, Hypotheses, Ideas, Theories]...



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