Below is JUST ONE example of our "Multiple Eggs / Multiple Baskets" approach (how we plan to re-use the same resources, processes, technology, whatever to launch/test MANY "Starter Startups!" - while simultaneously RE-THINKING traditional perspectives... on Startups? Side Hustles? Labels? Goals? Success Metrics? Status Quo Bias?)

Would it be worth the time and effort to create any ONE of the concepts below, individually? Maybe. But Probably Not. HOWEVER, it's a totally different story - and a key part of our "Whatever Network" Master Plan - if you take all the costs FOR THE FIRST ONE (both dollars and, even more valuable, all the TIME - spent learning, building, testing, tweaking, optimizing, etc.) and divide all those dollars and hours by TEN (10 DIFFERENT MVP TESTS!)... Forget about just "A-B Testing" - this is more like A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-TESTING!

Try to experience each one individually and try to temporarily forget that you know about all the others. We will have different teams/people marketing each concept in different ways, to different audiences - so a first time visitor will not be distracted by "oh, this is just one of many" 


Dedicate a Minute...? 
Sponsor a Minute...? 
Gift a Minute...?
There are only 525,600 Minutes...



15MinutesOfWhatever.com will give you "15 MINUTES OF: Self-Promotion? Frustrated Rants? Follow-Requests? WHATEVER!"



The OFFICIAL site for sending messages to dead friends and relatives! 

(Wait, what?!?)

If you believe it's even POSSIBLE that Heaven exists, isn't it POSSIBLE such a perfect paradise would have Super-Fast WiFi?! So, how can you justify NOT using a site like MessagesToBeyond.com to SEND MESSAGES TO LOVED ONES! [Only $1.00/msg]


In association with ConfessionCard.com:

Use our new ONLINE Confession Service - and receive our "No-Hell Guarantee!"



WishWhatever.com's "WISH MINUTES!" (11:11am or 11:11pm)

NOTE: Unlike "Birthday Candle Wishes" (that must be kept secret), your "11:11 WISH-MINUTE" Wish is PUBLIC (so others can help put good "wish vibes" out there for you!), posted publicly at www.WishWhatever.com & via The OFFICIAL TimelyMessage.com Calendar!


NOTE: The image and video below were from the ORIGINAL iteration of PredictionLog.com - a startup concept years ago that Jeff was too busy/A.D.D. to stick with - but never stopped believed in the potential of it!] Simple concept: Officially LOG YOUR PREDICTION (time-stamp, date-stamp, official certificate and PL serial number, etc.) and forever have PROOF that YOU CALLED IT! 
The site may or may not make a comeback at some point (IF Jeff can find  partners interested in running it!) - either the full version (a fully-functional Ruby on Rails mobile-friendly site, database connectivity, search functionality, interactive up/down-voting, etc. - code available for anyone who wants to take a look) or, perhaps a simpler/dumbed-down version using the TimelyMessage.com interface shared by all the concepts above... If interested, below is 2-Minute Product Demo of the old/original site:


There are more, but if you check out at least 2 of the above, you'll get the point (on the variety).  

A few more currently under construction:

P.S. If, IF, IF you enjoy Rated-R humor, memes, etc. there is an entire portfolio of products you can choose from!  But, if that's NOT your thing, I promise there are PLENTY more focused around more wholesome topics! :) (MotivationWhatever.com, CharityWhatever.com, AnimalWhatever.com, PennyWhatever.com... RandomJobsOfKindness.com?)

Currently (temporarily?) ALL TimelyMessage.com concepts above will have their submissions displayed (Publicly! #UserGeneratedContent) via ONE TimelyMessage.com MASTER CALENDAR. Any/all can be spun off into a separate site with it's own calendar if/when it makes sense to do so.


The OFFICIAL Calendar
(Minutes, Moments, Messages, Memories, and Much More!)

And, remember, there are only...

...525,600 Minutes!

Claim YOUR Minutes (above) or Merch (below) - Before Time Runs Out!

And each one of the above could (will?) have a different person or team running it - as a real "Starter Startup" - competing with each other, but also collaborating on what's working, what's not, best-practices, etc. (because, at the end of the day, we're all on the same team!)

www.PitchingForPartners.com to work on any of the above!!!



Sold Out

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