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...we just tend to think about stickers (and MOST things!) a little differently than most people do.

Can you provide a few EXAMPLES - of HOW YOU THINK DIFFERENTLY?

Hmmm... ok, without giving away too many of our proprietary perspectives/plans, thoughts/theories, innovation ideas... 

  1. First, if I suggest that we can get people (adults, not children) to voluntarily WEAR stickers on their clothing, does that sound plausible or ridiculous? Can you think of any scenarios where MILLIONS of people put stickers on themselves?
         Hold that thought, we'll get back to this in bullet #3 below :)
  2. Many entrepreneurs view stickers as a trendy promotional tool (How can these stickers provide VALUE TO ME and BENEFIT TO ME - by showing people MY business name, MY business logo, etc.). As a result, the primary reasons anyone would stick them / display them is to support you, to support your startup, to support the local startup community, etc. And there's nothing at all wrong with that!!!

    But, WE also think about stickers as a PRODUCT that provides BENEFIT TO OTHERS and VALUE TO OTHERS.
    This is just one of MANY random examples:
  3. (Continued from #1 above) The images below show 2 HUGELY successful use cases for WEARABLE stickers. 

    No, I am not suggesting that "Hello, my name is..." and "I voted today" were our ideas. But they do show that MILLIONS of people WILL actually WEAR stickers if, If, IF, *IF* you can create the REASON WHY! [Creating a WHY has kinda been one of our super-powers over the years]
    BY THE WAY, if these 2 examples seem too obvious or too ubiquitous to convince you of anything, I assure you, those nametags were neither common nor ubiquitous PRIOR to C-Lline Products introducing them to the world in 1959. As common as they are now... nobody had seen one in 1958 and millions had used them in '59.

    So, no, I'm not going to elaborate further and tell you all our ideas for wearable sticker concepts - but there are MANY!
  4. I'm also not going to tell you what we're going to do with this little nugget: "Did you ever realize... (and I kinda think you're maybe lying if you say yes)... that GLOSSY stickers create a PERFECT surface for DRY-ERASE MARKERS?? Hmmm... what can we do with that premise...??  P.S. Come work with us to find out!!! So if you are in Atlanta, Switchyards or elsewhere, and have ever created stickers, shirts, and promo products, please TALK TO US! We want to work with you!!

Anyway... regardless of what you think of those few examples above, we have many, Many, MANY Sticker Concepts (Sticker Products, Sticker Side Hustles, Sticker Startups, STICKER WHATEVER!) available for all of our team members (marketers, managers, influencers, interns, program-participants, partners, co-founders, etc.) to choose via many programs!


Choose your own adventure (to find out how to potentially join us)... Asinine Alliteration Addiction or A.A.A.A. [Admittedly Annoying Acronym Addiction]

An Asinine Alliteration Addiction:

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A.A.A.A.A.A.A. [Acronyms Are Awesome! And Amazingly / Annoyingly Addictive!]

We encourage all current and aspiring entrepreneurs to take a look at our 
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for a sample of what we hope to share in the near future... 

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Side Hustle Invitational Tournaments! [S.H.I.T.]

P.S. Don't worry, it's not like we're going to keep going with this A.A.A.A. (Admittedly Annoying Acronym Abuse) and end with something like: 
"For more info about Side Hustle Invitational Tournaments (S.H.I.T.) from Atlanta's Starter Startups (A.S.S.), visit" 
...because that would just be
G.R.O.S.S.  [Going Ridiculously Overboard! ... Seriously, STOP!!!] 





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