Startups For Students (

Learn Startups by Building Startups!
"Startups For Students" is Part of "Startup Whatever"
(a division of "The Whatever Network")

Startup Whatever is part of The WHATEVER Network!
  • LEARN about Startups while BUILDING Startups!
  • RECEIVE GUIDANCE & MENTORING from Experienced Entrepreneurs.
  • GAIN EXPERIENCE in a wide variety of focus areas - and dive deeper into at least one area to turn that "experience" into "EXPERTISE!"
  • COLLABORATE, CREATE, & COMPETE in Startup Challenges -- REAL projects for REAL startup companies.
  • BUILD & LAUNCH new "Starter Startups" and run them just like real startups - because they ARE real startups!
    (So, yes, you can earn real profits!)
Note: The program is run primarily by Jeff Goldblatt - his bio and background can be found at
    The program is run from one (or more!) of the "Atlanta Startup Hubs", including but not limited to:
    • Atlanta Tech Village (ATV)
    • Switchyards Downtown Club (SDC)
    • Ponce City Market (PCM)
    • Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC)
    • Starter Startups Secretly Building & Bootstrapping in Brookhaven (SSSBBB)
    • #AcronymsAreAwesome (AAA)
    NOTE: ALL potential locations are within walking distance of a MARTA station.


    (NOTE: Please talk to us if any of these dates do not work for you. Everything is flexible/negotiable/etc. We realize that summer break starts earlier/later for certain schools - so it is not a problem if some of you can not start until June 1st. You might be a little behind in some areas, but it is not a deal-breaker.)

    Monday, May 15th: DAY 1 / Orientation
    Tuesday, May 16th: Products/Content/Concepts will be selected (from many choices that we provide) for 10-Day Preliminary Projects (small/simple simulated startups -- no prior experience necessary).

    - Using new email addresses that we assign - and usernames that we collectively decide on based on what your project is, each student will sign up for:
    a 14-Day Free Trial of Shopify, a Free MailChimp account, a 14-Day Free trial of OptinMonster, a free account, at least 2 new social media accounts (FB? Twitter? Instagram? etc.) for your chosen product/project. More details TBD...

    May 16th - May 25th: All of this will be explained in more detail, but each 10-Day Project will include (all from choices and assets we give you):
    1 landing page, 1 physical product for sale, 1 digital product, 1 piece of embedded content (a YouTube video, SoundCloud audio, etc.), 1 (ideally more) OptinMonster feature, a MailChimp sign up form, SEO optimization, at least 1 3rd-party web ad (Google AdSense or an Affiliate Offer), 1 cross-promotional ad for one of the other Students' projects, 1 concept, 1 strategy, 1 shared resource with another student's startup, and potentially additional features/components that we'll discuss based on the nature of each project.  

    Thursday, May 25th: Your first micro-Startup will be presented for feedback (in addition to feedback/guidance you've been receiving all week) and as part of a dual assessment (us assessing you AND you assessing yourself) regarding what parts of the process you have shown particular interest and aptitude for and where you've been lost or less effective... 

    JUNE 1 -  August [X] : This is when the program really gets going. We will be building/launching many new "Starter Startups" and improving/optimizing many existing "Starter Startups"... Based on your skills/interests from the first project, we will collectively decide how you are best suited to spend the next 2 months -- are you a Startup Founder, managing all aspects of one Startup? are you a specialist, that can provide a key resource shared amongst many/all startups within the program?
    (more discussion and info coming soon)



    NOTE: is part of and we also have many other ongoing opportunities to get involved with out stuff - as an inexperienced intern OR as an experienced executive (or even as a partner or co-founder!) depending on your interests, availability, and skill-set(s)