"Startups For Singles" is a " Improvement Initiative" from

COMING SOON: Details, Rationale, Premises, etc.
  • Win-Win: Work on startups while meeting other (single) people
  • Dating in the work place is frowned upon elsewhere - but not here :)
  • Maybe you're over the whole bar scene...
  • Maybe you're just looking to try something new...
  • Maybe you're looking to dip your toes into the startup world - might as well do it in a fun, casual environment... 

(And, if you're more interested in the "Startups" part than the Singles/Socializing part, here's the pitch from some of our other Startup programs:

  • LEARN about Startups while BUILDING Startups!
  • RECEIVE GUIDANCE & MENTORING from Experienced Entrepreneurs.
  • COLLABORATE, CREATE, & COMPETE in Startup Challenges -- REAL projects for REAL startup companies.
  • BUILD & LAUNCH new "Starter Startups" and run them just like real startups - because they ARE real startups! (So, yes, you can earn real profits!)
Note: The program was conceived by Jeff Goldblatt - his bio and background can be found at - but he is actively looking for a Program Coordinator to manage/run this program (and others!)


    NOTE: Above is one of MANY (currently seeking Program Participants as well as Program Partners / Co-Founders / Program Coordinators!)... we also have many other ongoing opportunities to get involved with out stuff - as an inexperienced intern OR as an experienced executive (or even as a partner or co-founder!) depending on your interests, availability, and skill-set(s)...