What The SHIT?!?

An Assinine Quest to Make "SHIT" Go VIRAL!

Quick Background Info...

A few years ago, I was presenting a "Viral Marketing / Viral Thinking" Workshop... blah blah blah... I mentioned I have a lot of experience "making shit go viral"...  blah blah blah... That somehow led to a discussion on "literal shit" vs. "figurative shit" - and someone (jokingly) asked me if I could LITERALLY make "SHIT" go VIRAL...

Thus began this assinine quest to make "SHIT" go viral... 
* P.S. Yes, I know I spelled asinine incorrectly. But I thought ASSinine was a more appropriate spelling given the topic.

S.H.I.T. "To Do" Lists! (from CardWhatever.com)

I am (arguably?) The Most A.D.D. Entrepreneur in America so I make A LOT of "To Do" lists to (try to) keep track of all my ideas, tasks, etc. "To Do" lists on the White Board in my office, on my refrigerator at home, in multiple notebooks, multiple excel docs, word docs, powerpoint, on my laptop, on my phone, on Google Drive, in Dropbox...

But I SWEAR TO YOU, the one that works best FOR ME, for my DAILY "TO DO" LISTS, are these business-card-sized "S.H.I.T. TO DO LIST" Cards from CardWhatever.com... They fit in my pocket, they fit in my wallet, and the limited space does a pretty good job of helping me really prioritize my top 10 or 12 priorities for the day (although, I'm not going to lie and say I haven't turned it over and used the back when ideas #13, #14, and #20 pop into my head). The box of 100 usually lasted me about 3 months, but then I just went ahead and bought 1000 so I'm good for the year, plus I often end up giving some away to people who ask about them when they see me using them...

SHITmeals.com and/or EatShitMeals.com (from FoodWhatever.com)

Believe it or not, this is a legit/serious idea!
S.H.I.T. Meals?!?
(Simple! Healthy! Inexpensive! Tasty!) Yep! - ShitMeals.com & EatShitMeals.com ;-)


Subliminal Hypnosis & Ideation Transformation (S.H.I.T.) Experiment (from AudioWhatever.com)

SHIT CARDS?!? (from YouGotCarded.com & DumbWhatever.com)

Shitty Card Attempt #1: 

Leave it on someone's desk or doorstep...? Slide it into a locker or under an office door...? Leave it behind at a coffee shop, restaurant, or in the back seat of an Uber or Lyft...? Or just hand it to someone and walk away!?! YOU DECIDE!

[Note: 300+ OTHER CARDS (not related to shit!) available at CardWhatever.com]

Shitty Card Attempt #2:

Shitty Card Attempt #3:

And that last one doubles as a direct promo for:



But it's not just shirts for babies! How about...

ShartShirts.com & MyShartDontStink.com

And, only SEMI-related, but...

And since that's tough to read (because real people are taller than 300 pixels / 3 inches), this is what you'd read if you were 5 to 10 feet behind her:

ReThinkingStartups.com: NEW Startup S.H.I.T. [Strategies, Hypotheses, Ideas, Theories]"

PROBLEM: "Status Quo Bias"


P.S. Semi-Related... One of our core philosophies is decision-making based on *POOOP!

*Probability & Objectivity 
Optimism & Positivity



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