Save The Pennies! (

Save The Pennies!!

NOTE - Currently set to a penny for testing and feedback
[WHY] - This PENNY is being SAVED...
...[continue the WHY]
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**OPTIONAL - But Whatever You Write Above Is PUBLIC

Public Launch: [soon?] 

If you stumble upon this site during our pre-launch period, feel free to help Save The Pennies now (even though the price might be dramtically reduced - or even free?)

Pennies might one day become extinct! (Because it actually costs about 1.6 cents to make a penny!) Either way, for the low price of $1.00, you can help SAVE THE PENNIES! Sponsor a penny, dedicate a penny, whatever you want to call it!


P.S. Throwing pennies in a wishing well is said to grant you a WISH... But SAVING THE PENNIES via this (ridiculous?) website will help MAKE A WISH come true for a child with a life-threatening medical condition! Yep, we are donating a portion of all proceeds to The  - - - -   -   - - - -   Foundation!*** 

*** [Editor's Note: Why did we put the **** instead of the charity's name? These big charities have a formal process you need to go through before you can use their name on your website... we are definitely committed to giving them money, we just can't publicly use their name until we formalize / finalize everything - but we are in discussion with them and will have an update soon! [NOTE: Just so you don't think we're making that up, we'll elaborate a little and explain that the big thing we're trying to decide is how to distribute the donations between the Foundation's national organization and their local Georgia chapter (where we're based). Either way, the donations WILL be made to help grant wishes to kids with life-threatening medical conditions!]


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