Just because things exist one way doesn't mean they can't be re-purposed or re-imagined to be something completely different!

Hi. My name is Jeff. My brain works a little differently than most people's.

Sometimes it's a blessing (I can often solve problems before many people have even identified the problem that needs solving - and I've created 40+ pieces of "Viral Whatever" that have collectively reached 475+ Million people) and sometimes it's a curse (when it comes to organization & execution - & - and I am often unable to shut my brain off at night to fall asleep)... 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If I come across as arrogant, braggy, egotistical, narcissistic, and/or off-putting at any point (above or below) in my discussion of the FEW things that I'm great at, PLEASE click here for a significantly longer list of the MANY things I SUCK at!   

(More Coming Soon)

incomplete is the philosophical backbone behind many programs - as well as many projects (that will be ReThinking: audio, tshirts, business cards, stickers, money, motivation, nothing, sh*t, novelty, social movements, charity campaigns, startup culture... Whatever!)...  

ReThinking Startups: ~99% of Startups will FAIL. That's a problem. We have some Thoughts & Theories and Improvement Ideas that we believe can be a big help to entrepreneurs and the startup community in general... [Currently looking for interested partners for]

ReThinking Audio: 10+ years ago I started what would become a profitable 7-figure Audio Content company, essentially Re-Thinking traditional forms of engaging viral content and thinking through the complexities/benefits/challenges of ignoring the dominant/crowded medium of video in favor of audio - and, further, ignoring dominant audio channels in favor of a less-popular audio content platform (dial-in content on phones). [For the sake of time/space, the full story of our "Humor Hotlines" business can be found elsewhere - or ask me about it!] BUT - with the right partners/employees/interns/whatever - we are now ready to re-think, re-purpose, re-launch that same collection of viral audio content - via new channels, with new business goals, as part of

ReThinking Tshirts:  For the record, NO, we do NOT think a Tshirt Brand is a good startup idea these days! (Saturated market, no barriers to entry, etc.) HOWEVER, depending on what the goals are, we believe there are some great opportunities to apply some strategies to Tshirts... Just a few examples:
- What if we think of "Startups (or, in this case, Tshirt Brands) as Products" and "Products as Content" and "Content as Marketing"?
- What if we use Profits As Perks (All employees have a set of brands/products/designs that they personally get 50%(?) of profits from? Perhaps selected via Fantasy Sports-style draft for employee engagement? 
- AND, regarding the actual product, even in a market as over-saturated as online Tshirt shops, we actually DO still have a few creative NEW differentiation tactics that we're excited about testing out...  [Currently looking for interested partners - particularly Designers and/or experienced Shopify managers for several projects

ReThinking Business Cards: Tshirts are definitely one of the most common canvas for commercialized creative expression... but what about BUSINESS CARDS?!?!?
Cheap & easy to produce (1000 cards cost less than 1 single t-shirt!), one size fits all, lightweight for shipping (ship 50 cards with a regular envelope/stamp for ~10% of a package that ships a t-shirt!), stores easily in pocket, wallet, or purse, and distributed easily
(hand to hand, left on a desk, slid under a door or into a locker, etc.). I fully understand the initial reaction ("But people don't buy/share business cards") and I look forward to explaining more about the MANY opportunities to create consumer demand and social movements in MANY categories (,,, etc.)  [Currently looking for interested partners for MANY concepts!]

MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE (10+ Categories of "ReThinking Whatever") COMING SOON!

Interested in hearing more and/or working with us? Please contact us below!

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