"Referral Win-Win" is a new Starter Startup concept from - Currently #PitchingForPartners

Obviously the value of such a site/service is only as good as the quantity/quality of "Referral Win-Win" opportunities listed, so we will need to build out a real searchable/sortable database-driven startup MVP - Interested? Join us! #PitchingForPartners - But, in the meantime, we'll start manually adding some... 


-- My name is XXXXXX. I am a resident at YYYYYYY located in ZZZZZZZZ. I suggest you live there too. If you do, put me down as your referral and we will split the Resident Referral Fee (40% you, 40% me, 20%

"OTHER" Example:

-- My name is Steven Cundari. I am a member of JetSmarterYou can now try JetSmarter for yourself with a three-month trial membership. To claim your gift, sign up using this link:

NOTE 1: If you live somewhere that offers resident referral fees (or belong to any clubs, use any services, etc. - that offer referral fees), give us your info below and you could literally make money (referral fees) by doing nothing more than allowing us to give your name to prospects that will list you as their referrer!

NOTE 2: Also contact us via if you're interested in helping us launch this startup!



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