Random Jobs Of Kindness (RandomJobsOfKindness.com)


P.S.  In anticipation of some responses from critics and trolls:

1) "But it's not a 'RANDOM' Act of Kindness if you're instructing people to do it!" Ok... So what?  Would it make you happier if we removed the word "Random"?  Ok, done. You can now access this web page via both RandomJobsOfKindness.com AND JobsOfKindness.com (and we have put the word "Random" in parenthesis in the job descriptions above). Happy? :)

2) What does that say about society when people are only doing acts of kindness when they're getting paid for it?"  We have lots of responses to this...  First: Why would you use the word "only" in that question? We believe there are already many, Many, MANY people doing many, Many, MANY acts of kindness with no compensation, no reward, no recognition, etc. (And that's awesome!) But if we can motivate/incentivize MORE people to do MORE acts of kindness, well, we just don't see how that can be a bad thing...  Second: For better or worse, money motivates people. Money can sometimes be motivation for BAD things (like corruption or theft or worse)... so why is it a bad thing if we also use money as motivation for GOOD things too?

The Application Process:

1) Go DO a (Random) Act of Kindness.
2) Use the form below and TELL US ABOUT IT (in the message/comment section)