Project Win Win

I laugh when I see critics (or trolls) talking bad about an individual or company who makes a charitable donation [or anything else good/positive/kind/whatever] and the criticism is "Yeah, but they're just doing that [to improve their image... or for the PR value... or as a tax write-off... or...].  Swap the word "just" with "also" and I'm ok with that critique... why does it have to be "doing it for good" OR "doing it for some personal benefit" - who cares if it's doing it for BOTH reasons?!  You've heard the expression "win-win" - that's literally the ideal arrangement, negotiation, whatever...  So, when our initiatives donate a portion of proceeds from various products to various charities, why would I lie and say "the marketing exposure or positive PR value never occurred to me" ...of course it did...  But are we JUST doing it with those reasons in mind? Absolutely not! We are ALSO doing it with those reasons in mind...  If we make a donation that helps charity X, but we also get positive media coverage for making that donation, is that a bad thing?!?  Also, I hate when celebrities are shamed for letting people know that they donated to a cause... the people who say "why do you have publicize it, why can't you just make the donation privately?" BECAUSE reminding/encouraging people to do something is a huge secondary advantage... Getting a given cause or charity on someone's radar is a huge secondary benefit...  The most frustrating conversation I ever had in my life was with a girl who was so against the Ice Bucket Challenge...  [Note to self: Find the email exchange about this!]

Oh, shit, my point on all this...   We're going to be creating MANY initiatives that:
- raise money for charities (but ALSO make money for us)
- that teach young entrepreneurs (while they ALSO work on our projects)
- that provide Side Hustles and profit-sharing to marketers, influencers, entrepreneurs (while ALSO helping to promote our products/content)...

And, prior to launching any of that, I'm already annoyed/frustrated by the anticipation of people who say "they're just doing that to help their own businesses"... ALSO! not just!




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