UNDER CONSTRUCTION -- so hopefully nobody just stumbles upon it yet.
If Jeff sent you here, below are some of the PROGRAMS (formats, structures, names, etc.). Let us know what you might be interested in discussing:


MOST [of anything!] are NOT a good bet!
[Startups? Side hustles? Products? (PROGRAMS like ours?!?)]


Shared Costs/Resources? Economies of Scale? Pooled Skills/Talent/Knowledge?
(Shorter Learning Curves? Less "Reinventing of Wheels?")

+ #ValueBeyondSales

(Products/Projects/Programs... as TEACHING TOOLS or Fast/Cheap/Easy PRACTICE PRODUCTS?? ...for A-B TESTING of TACTICS & TECHNIQUES?? ...to Evaluate TALENT (& Temperament??) for TEAM-BUILDING?? (and/or CoFounder Compatibility??)


Pick Your... PROGRAM(S)?!?


While it might LOOK like a ridiculous number of different programs below, our "secret" is that MOST of them have HUGE amounts of overlap (and some are literally the same program with a different marketing title!)

Multiple Eggs + [MultipleBaskets.com] = Multiple Benefits!


A-B-C-Testing EVERYTHING (via 3WayWhatever.com)


Great X + Great Y + Great Z = GREAT TEAM

Compete & Compare (to identify your super-powers!).
Then Collaborate, Consolidate, and (Re-)Compete - AS TEAMS!!!

It's Hard to be SELF-AWARE with No Basis to COMPARE! (Compete, Compare, Collaborate, Consolidate, Repeat!)


The S.W.A.N. Startup [*Starting *Weekends *And *Nights]

[SWANstartups.com? TheSwanStartup.com?]

Why do we always strongly recommend PART-time to start?*
If ~99% of Startups FAIL,
despite ~100% of Founders' BELIEFS,
then going All-In/Full-Time (based on BELIEF!) is a TRAP!!
*Prior to PROOF
(...of Concept, Assumptions, MVP Viability, Product/Market-Fit)

SaturdayStartups.com - guess what day we meet?


Startups for STUDENTS! (LEARN about Startups... while LAUNCHING Startups!) #STARTERstartups



You genuinely get to know someone when you're working on projects together - particularly if things get stressful!

Alliance of Starter Startups LEAGUES!

Collaborative Competitions - Coming Soon!

Side Hustle Invitational TOURNAMENTS!

Collaborative Competitions - Coming Soon!

Intentionally Blurring Lines: Products AS Content AS Social Marketing


Content Creator Collaborative?!


Influencer Identification Initiative?!

Oh, you INFLUENCE people? Cool. Got any proof? [Soon you will!]
We provide 100+ "PROVE IT!" PRODUCTS + A-B Test/Tracking so you can now provide "PROOF OF INFLUENCE!" [SocialMediaWhatever.com???]




VIRAL 101 Deep-Dive Discussion: "VIRALITY What/Why/How"

Creator of "The Rejection Hotline" & 50+ viral ventures (reaching 495+ Million) shares TIPS/TRICKS & SECRET SAUCE! *plus NEW Viral Products/Content/Whatever #JoinUs


*Even if your Product/Content/Marketing will never truly "Go Viral"
(where k = i * conv% > 1),
come learn why "VIRAL THINKING" is still a Game-Changer! #ViralMATH ;) 

(Any of Our) PROGRAMS *WITHIN* (Your) PROGRAMS?!? #ProgramsWithinPrograms

Taking courses elsewhere? (Startup Bootcamps? Digital Marketing? Social Media? Photoshop?) Stop using fake/dummy products/pages to practice! We'll give you REAL ONES!

We have no need to "reinvent the wheel" - our "Learning while LAUNCHING" programs would make great complementary add-ons to many existing programs, particularly those that are predominantly "Learning by Listening"

***NOTE: There are obviously MANY programs already out there (Intro to Entrepreneurship, Startup Bootcamps, Startup Summer Schools, etc.), both nationally AND locally in most startup communities! If you are an instructor, program coordinator, community manager, etc. we’d love to talk about possibly incorporating some of OUR Programs/Competitions WITHIN *YOUR* PROGRAMS!!
Contact: Jeff@StartupWhatever.com




Sold Out

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