You may have noticed that our Application Forms (as well as your weekly "PROJECTIONS & PROGRESS" Forms) were made using JOTFORM...

Similar to Typeform and other forms-software you've seen, we chose Jotform
A) because we legitimately LOVE it
B) because they offer a phenomenal FREE Starter Plan so all of you can try it out for any of your #CompeteCompare Projects,
C) because it's the basis for one of our favorite "Creative @ReThinkWhatever Challenges" (see below!),
and D) Full disclosure, yes, we do intend to sign up for their affiliate program so we might earn a small commission if any of you decide to upgrade your free trial to a paid account - but we promise that is NOT the reason we recommend it so strongly (as you'll hopefully see if you use it)

Below is a crazy-long page (after you "click to expand" it) that serves as the basis for one of our "Creative @ReThinkWhatever Challenges"... We'll Discuss ALL the available "Form Elements" (some simple ones you see all the time, some a little more niche or advanced). And we'll see what kind of Products / Content / Marketing efforts we can create (in a very short time) using nothing but these form elements. [Note: And maybe integrating Zapier if we need to do something else with the submission data.] 

As always, to discuss getting involved!


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