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TshirtWhatever.com is JUST ONE example of our "Multiple Eggs / Multiple Baskets" approach [how we plan to re-use the same resources, processes, technology, whatever to launch/test MANY "Starter Startups!" - A/B Testing EVERYTHING (via Collaborative Competitions!) - while simultaneously RE-THINKING traditional perspectives - on Startups? Side Hustles? Labels? Goals? Success Metrics? Status Quo Bias?]

Would it be worth the time and effort to create any ONE of the concepts below, individually? Probably NOT.
HOWEVER, it's a totally different story - and a key part of our "Whatever Network" Master Plan - if we MANAGE it all COLLECTIVELY (while MARKETING it all INDIVIDUALLY!)

Products as Content as Marketing as...

A cross-promotional network (of 50+ online Tshirt businesses?!)... Managed COLLECTIVELY; Marketed INDIVIDUALLY (by ReThinkingStartups.com program participants / entrepreneurs, marketers, influencers, etc.), all benefiting from shared resources, pooled knowledge, #CollaborativeCompetitions, and...

New **S.H.I.T. from ReThinkingWhatever.com -- **Strategies, Hypotheses, Ideas, Theories :)

For the record: NO, we do NOT actually think T-shirts are a great business (crowded space, no barriers to entry, etc.). HOWEVER...


...there may not be a single one of our 1000+ “Products” that mathematically / statistically makes sense to bet on (to put money into — or even to put TIME into) — as a Startup, as a Side Hustle, or even just as a Hobby — regardless of whether your goal is ~$10 Million or ~$100,000 or even just ~$1000!

We have some innovative new strategies — based on some unique experience and relevant insights — that have helped us to change our perspectives, change our approach, and — to be honest — we think could be GAME-CHANGING for Idea Stage / Early Stage entrepreneurs…

[Skip this part to just scroll down to see the shirts below] BACKGROUND: ReThinkingStartups.com Strategies & ReThinkingWhatever.com Philosophies...

A)  What if we Change our Perspective on GOALS, BENEFITS, and SUCCESS METRICS for “Products”…

…perhaps expanding goals, benefits, and success metrics (beyond just sales, revenue, profit) to also include value more traditionally associated with CONTENT and MARKETING? For example:

Lead Generation? Customer Discovery / A-B Testing? Brand Awareness? Brand Personality? Establishing Relevance / Expertise? Customer Entertainment / Engagement? Customer Loyalty / Evangelism? Boost Web Traffic? Gain Fans/Followers? Re-Targeting Data? — etc. etc.

Comedy genius, Mitch Hedberg (RIP), has a classic observation on escalators — that they can never break, they just become some other (also useful) thing. We like to think of our PRODUCTS that way


OUR "Whatever Network" products CAN’T FAIL
IF they don’t generate revenue, they simply become content or marketing for the products that DO generate reveneue…

B) … What if we Change our Perspective… and shift focus from TOTAL COST (calculations/evaluations) to AVERAGE COSTS?!?

Dramatically Decrease your Resources Required (dollars, hours, people, etc.) On a *PER PRODUCT* Basis!
(via #MultipleEggs in #MultipleBaskets benefiting from #SharedResources and #EconomiesOfScale)

Hypothetical Example: Launching/testing TEN (10?!) Online Tshirt Shops might sound RIDICULOUS… And we agree — it is ridiculous — if, If, IF, *IF* each is being launched/tested individually.
But… COLLECTIVELY?? As part of our Product-Content-Marketing-Whatever Network? Each benefiting from Shared Resources, Economies of Scale, and a Cross-Promotional “Network Effect” — collectively launched/managed via ONE (1) e-commerce account, ONE (1) MailChimp account, ONE (1) Google AdWords / Facebook Ad account, ONE (1) Google Analytics account, ONE (1) Social Media manager, ONE (1) account / license / expenditure OF ALMOST EVERYTHING [that would have required TEN (10) if they were launched individually!?]?!?

Your *PER PRODUCT* COSTS (money, time, etc.) are DRAMATICALLY REDUCED — making it no big deal there is no significant revenue/profit resulting directly from any given product (or any 3, or 5, or 7, or even 9 of the 10 products?!)

C) … Applying some of our ViralWhatever.com EXPERIENCE, EXPERTISE, and LESSONS LEARNED:
(“You Gotta See This!” vs. “You Gotta See These!”)

FOR MORE INFO (and/or to work with us!), CONTACT US: info@StartupWhatever.com

Admittedly, our plans/programs might be a bit disorganized as we get started… but, if you can handle that — and want to get involved in some things that we think can be GAME-CHANGING for startups, entrepreneurs, side hustlers, etc., please, JOIN US!
Click for a brief “Intro / Interest Form” for some of our ReThinkingStartups.com Improvement Initiatives!
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ASK US about any that you are intrigued by (or confused by)... Because ALL CONCEPTS BELOW (plus, MANY MORE!) are actively "PITCHING FOR PARTNERS" (PART-Time Partners!) - Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Marketers, Managers, Designers, etc. - JOIN US!




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