With the telephony tech we've built, we can quickly/easily set up MANY new multi-function phone numbers / hotlines -- Programmable Voice and SMS - audio playback for phone calls received and...

NEW: Text-Back Auto-Replies for text messages received!

New PREMIUM Hotlines... Now with CALLS AND TEXTS!!!

NOTE: Our previous business was a profitable, 7-figure "Humor Hotlines" business with thousands of phone numbers, millions of phone calls each month - but the calls were Audio-only; nothing happened when you texted...

If we can find the right entrepreneurial partners to help us launch/run everything (partly because we don't quite have the same youthful exuberance we did the first time around - and partly because we truly love mentoring, advising, and working with young entrepreneurs), that business is long overdue for a re-launch with 100s of Humor Hotlines that can benefit from TEXT-back functionality. Just a few examples:



HogwartsAdmissions.com / HogwartsHotline.com:


Much more than just HUMOR Hotlines... 

NOTE: All of the following (and more!) actively PITCHING FOR PARTNERS (primarily PART-Time Partners) - and CoFounders!

Contact us: info@StartupWhatever.com - particularly looking for entrepreneurial executors, operators, project managers, digital marketers, influencers, designers, developers - particularly TWILIO or PLIVO DEVELOPERS... 

PhoneWhatever.com? TextWhatever.com?
  • AnnouncementCalls.com?
  • ThankYouCalls.com?
  • NewsCalls.com?
  • CommentHotline.com?
  • FrustrationHotline.com?
  • VentHotline.com?
  • CallToConfess.com?
  • RandomCalls.com?
  • PoliticalHotlines.com?
  • TrumpHotline.com?
  • HumorHotlines.com
  • RejectionHotline.com
  • SorryWrongNumber.com
  • 555Alternative.com
  • HogwartsHotline.com
  • GOATcall.com
  • RandomCallsOfKindness.com
  • RandomTextsOfKindness.com
  • TextRoulette.com?
  • TextDialer.com?
  • TextMyCellPhone.com?
  • PrankTexter.com


  • AudioAwesome.com
  • AudioComments.com
  • AudioFunny.com
  • AudioHaHa.com
  • AudioHonesty.com
  • AudioLOL.com
  • AudioSnapChat.com
  • AudioWTF.com

  • A random example of a "stand-alone" business, marketed individually but managed collectively (via shared resources & economies of scale)

P.S. Kinda random, but somewhat "Text-Related"

Text Roulette - the most DANGEROUS game in the world!!!
NOTE:  Jeff created this game a LONG time ago - and haven't gotten around to updating the images below... so, yes, those are flip-phones and clothing/hair/etc. from 10+ years ago! But the game is still as much fun - and as scary/dangerous - as ever!!!  ;)

TextRoulette.com - How To Play

Entrepreneurs interested in working with us? - on any of the above or 365+ other projects?

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