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MiscellaneousWhatever.comBelow are a few "more traditional tech startups" - and a few other projects and "Starter Startups" that don't easily fall into one of our other "Whatever" categories... ALL OF THE FOLLOWING are actively seeking execution partners via StartupWhatever.com!

PredictionLog.com - Predict it. Log it. PROVE IT!


JustIntros.com - Definitely NOT for EVERYONE... but could be LIFE-CHANGING for SOME!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
If you don't like "swipe apps",
This MIGHT be for you...

For MUCH more info, visit www.JustIntros.com

ReferralWinWin.com - Because MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in Referral Fees go UNCLAIMED (despite being budgeted for as marketing expenses!) 


GetOverItDay.com - It's reached MILLIONS of people, but has been in hibernation in recent years - poised for a Re-Launch / Comeback!

GetOverItDay.comIt was created and went viral 10+ years ago. It has since been covered by Good Morning America, ESPN SportsCenter, and 1000+ media outlets wordwide! And the "Get Over It Day Poem" (image, audio, video) has now reached an estimated 17 Million People!
2017 UPDATE: GetOverItDay.com will soon be joined by LetItGoDay.com and PerspectiveDay.com - much more info soon! #PartnersNeeded

P.S. Part of our "Multiple Eggs / Multiple Baskets" strategy (shared resources, economies of scale, cross-promotional "network effect", etc.) - ask us about PerspectiveDay.com and LetItGoDay.com as well!

Eat *S.H.I.T. Meals! [*Simple, *Healthy, *Inexpensive, *Tasty!] - ShitMeals.com / EatShitMeals.com

This one might sound like a joke, but it's actually a legit startup concept - just utilizes some Viral Marketing principles with the title (confusion, shock value, opposite of expectation, etc.)

Many, many more


None of the above are launched yet. ALL of the above are PITCHING FOR PARTNERS!!! Please contact us for more info and/or if you might be interested in working on any of these (or with any of our many, Many, MANY other "Starter Startups" and "ReThinkingStartups.com Projects, Products, and Programs!")...



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